Feeling Good About Your Pregnancy

33 Weeks 


Being pregnant is such a beautiful experience and knowing that you created this baby is a miracle and blessing. But let’s be honest here, it’s not always glamorous.


As our baby develops so do the changes in our body. We gain weight and not always in the sexiest places, putting on socks is exhausting, going down a flight of stairs to do laundry is tiresome, from back aches to heartburn and leg cramps. You always need a glass of water by your bedside or your mouth wilĺ get dry, you try not to drink too much or else you will have to use the bathroom like every hour. By then you’re definitely not getting any sleep at all! They say in a way, it’s the baby trying to prepare you for motherhood… (oh, great). You know you have to eat and feed your baby, but everything you put down just gets thrown right back out. You tend to forget things and get all clumsy. But most importantly you get those ugly looking stretch marks and no matter how many times you rub cocoa butter on they still come and in multiples! Have a baby they said. It will all be worth it, they said… better daymn be! All this plays a part of how us women feel, which can really suck the fun and exciting part of pregnancy.


I used to love getting dolled up, like putting on make up, accessorizing with jewelry, finding a nice outfit to wear and curl my hair. But now a days all I care to do is look for anything easy to put on and comfortable. Nothing seems to fit anymore and it’s a mission to just put some tights or jeans on, so why bother? Then you really feel like being pregnant is such a drag and cannot wait until it’s finally over.


Then one day you feel that baby move in your tummy. You forget all the negative parts of your pregnancy and really start to feel good and excited about it again. What better way to remind us of the good and the bad of our pregnancy journey, then to have a maternity photo shoot!


Embrace your pregnancy, try not to dwell on the negative or it will suck the beauty out of it. Remember the miracle you have growing in you, I promise it will be all worth it.


S.J. Photography not only captures beautiful photos, but she is very patient during sessions, open to ideas of envisioning your photo shoot, easy to communicate with, and very affordable! What I really appreciate is how she takes the time to edit each photo that worked out, and sends them all back to you! There is no extra cost for additional edits, unlike other photographers. She has been our regular family photographer and will continue to stay loyal to her for all upcoming shoots!
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