Kinsley’s Act of Kindness


 My 21 month old daughter was given $20 from her godfather. She has been really good at saving her money in her piggy bank, so I told her she could buy what ever she wanted. Of course she asked for candy (kinder surprise), so I took her to the store. As we were walking into 7-11, she waved and said, “hi” to this homeless man. We went inside to buy her egg and on the way out she said, “bye”… this just made my heart melt!!

I asked the man if there was something I can get for him and he said, “anything”. I asked him if he was hungry (which he was) so we went back into the store with my daughters money and bought him a pizza. As I pointed to the man outside, I asked the workers if it was okay to take a cup and fill it up with water. Then I gave him the slice of pizza and water he had a genuine grin. You can sense he was very grateful.

When we got into the truck, I asked her “does he look happy or sad”? She yells… “Happy”!! Normally my daughter smiles and poses in pictures but she was too busy eating her chocolate!!



Jennie Lee Paraiso 

Trinity Event


Children could never be too young to understand ’empathy’ and how they can help others in need


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