Are you looking for an activity to do with your children? My 2 year old daughter just loves to get creative with arts and crafts! Something as simple as decorating cut out shaped bunnies and painting a colorless bunny mold not only fun for children, but it helps with their fine motor coordination, cognitive development and gives them a self-esteem booster.

With construction or foam paper, cut out a shaped bunny. Lay out any art and craft supplies you want your children to use. Fine motor coordination is taught through the use of crayons, markers and paintbrushes that help our children practice writing later on.

Watch them as they dig into the supplies and get their creative minds working! Help strengthen their cognitive development by asking them to name the colors, shapes and objects they are working with. Have an open discussion and ask your child what exactly are they doing or what do they plan on creating next?
Every time my daughter does any art and craft activity, she always seems to have someone in mind she wants to make them for. In this particular project she wanted to give them to her grandparents family dogs, Kilo and Mia. She was so excited to give it to them! This is a great self-esteem booster! It gives her a sense of accomplishment and pride when making these bunnies!
My daughter loves to paint so I got this bunny mold for her to decorate. She got a little too excited and dropped it. Opsy! One of the ears broke, but she didn’t seem to care, “Mama bunny is so cute”!
Lay a piece of paper on the table (this can get messy). Introduce all the different colored paints and paintbrushes your child will be using. Explain the activity. Talk to your child about sizes and how colors change when mixed together.

Of course, like all toddlers once they’re over an activity they get easily side tracked. My daughter in particular decided to do some of her own creative painting, like coloring her hands!!